How it works

The Local One is a small business support initiative, free to the public and designed to offer local people exclusive, special offers and discounts when they support local businesses close to them, boosting your area's local economy, logically.

We connect local businesses to ALL local people and provide everyone with the tools that they need to support them.

We do not believe that exclusive and paid-for discount clubs provide genuine support to local businesses, therefore we make everyone in your town part of the movement, without commitment or cost and put a large amount of our profits back into your local community.

Three simple steps

Receive your Free key fob

You will receive your FREE Local One Key-Fob straight through the letter box! Make sure to leave us with your email address and postcode so that we can keep you up to date with local offers, close to you!!!

Look for The Local One logo

Look out for The Local One sticker in shop windows, on businesses websites or here on - you can now support the local economy in every financial decision that you make!

Start enjoying discounts

Use the local businesses that are taking part in the initiative and save money, get connected to the local business community in your area, receive unique special offers and become a true local business HERO!

Why use the local one?

By buying products or services from independent, local businesses, you are supporting the local economy, making sure that the money spent in your area, stays there. The future of high street shopping is uncertain for many of these local businesses, with large retailers opening up in areas that still maintain high public footfall, in a new online shopping, digital marketplace. These are the businesses that provide the lifeblood to your local economy, and also collectively, to the nations.

Eco / Health Friendly

Instead of getting in the car and traveling to the closest supermarket, why not walk to your local corner shop? Most independent businesses source products locally, meaning that each product has a shorter distance to travel before you purchase it, also food in restaurants, and the drinks in pubs, have a further reduced field-to-fork, or production-to-pint distance. Local businesses can take charge of their stock and manage it independently, making sensible decisions on products pricing and sales, opposed to large retailers that produce huge amounts of wastage on a daily basis, due to overbuying and national sale restrictions.


Be part of your local business and residential community. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could get to know the people who provide products or services close to your home? As a business, you will start to know the people who live in your town, eventually by name, and have an opportunity to build a lasting relationship for future trade. The residential and independent business community in your town must support each other, and push for a cohesive, prosperous and included community, if it is to survive the future pressures of online trade and large business inclusion.


Enterprise and entrepreneurship has never been more important. As a resident of your town, you now have an opportunity to support local business, to get start-up traders off the ground and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to start businesses, knowing that the community is behind them! Independent businesses are started with passion and understanding, meaning that you will often receive better service and advice from them.

Save Money & Time

If you hold your towns The Local One key-card, when you are shopping locally, with independent businesses, you will receive an incentive, for example, buy one, get one free, on main courses, 10% discount, or even just a free cookie with your coffee. Also, not having to drive your car as far, or at all, will mean that you are saving on fuel and running costs.

Support Local Businesses

It is now harder than ever for independent businesses to compete with large corporate companies, as advertising becomes more expensive, and consumers shopping habits are turning them online and out of touch with the high-street. It is down to the retailer as to how they would like to manage their offers and sales, meaning that they can make their own choice as to what the incentive should be, ensuring that it will compliment the businesses current position, we do not believe in a one size fits all approach.

One of a kind

Many local retails can source or create their own products, most of which you would not be able to find in larger outlets, or online. This means that you can purchase items, food, local activities and many more services that are exclusive, unique and not available to people outside of the town unless visiting, and the best bit is that you get a discount too!


Please select your local area on the drop down list on the right, this will then display the local, independent businesses close to you, local business news and of course the amazing local one offers that these valued businesses are offering you!

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